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Tiffani Tyler supports Entrepreneurs to bring their vision to life. Formerly she was producing online media for podcasts, including the Top 100 podcast The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes, where she has filmed and produced over 500 interviews with the world's greatest leaders and thinkers. Now she is focused on 'the big picture" for Entrepreneurs and online brands who want to tell their story and build their audience through various forms of online media. Her focus is on the real-life experiences that bring about challenges, victories, failures, and success that not only make us who we are, but will inspire other people to keep going for their dream.   

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Full Bio


Hobby to Career

My parents put a camera in my hand when I was 10 years old. I learned how to edit at 14 in my high school video production class. It was all casual, mostly filming my entertaining family until I made my first dollar with my creative hobby. I edited the Senior highlight videos for the girl's basketball team at my high school. It was my first taste of what my life could be like if I could figure out how to make a living producing videos. I went on to major in Film and Multimedia in college and graduated with a Bachelors's degree. My first production job was at a Wrist Watch Company where I  not only filmed reviews for watches but also hosted a live QVC style show for 3 hours every Saturday and Sunday. It was a great experience working with a small production team because I had the opportunity to write some commercials and also direct live TV. I’ll never forget that experience especially because it was my first and last time as an employee

The Move to Hollywood

About a year into this production job in Hollywood Florida I got the destiny aligning call from my grandma. She told me my cousin was thinking about moving to LA to accept a job opportunity and that we should move together. A few prayers and logistics conversations later, we did it. I moved to LA in October 2014. The core storyteller in me couldn’t have this historical moment pass without capturing it. If you’re interested in watching here is a short video series I filmed that shows a few weeks before I moved to LA, the day I moved, and a quick insight into the first couple of weeks (before the work really started to pick up)

7 Years (so far)

7 years into my professional career (6 years in LA) and I'm excited to continue to work with Businesses and Entrepreneurs that are doing everything they can to make the world a better place. Some people I've had the honor of working with:

-Lewis Howes and the Top 100 Podcast - The School of Greatness 


-Koya Webb and Get Loved Up Podcast


-Christine Simmons and Danita Johnson with the WNBA Los Angeles Sparks


-Emmy Award Winner Johnny Simmons, ASC

With many projects in between and I'm just getting started!

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